IMPA's Power Supply System

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IMPA's Power Supply System

IMPA has developed and takes power from 21 solar parks in IMPA Member communities with a total capacity of approximately 53 MW (the “IMPA Solar Parks”).   Ranging in size from .25 MW to 8 MW, these environmentally-responsible resources mark the addition of solar as a renewable energy resource in IMPA's power supply portfolio.  IMPA developed solar parks in the communities of Advance (.24 MW), Anderson (5 MW and 8 MW), Argos (.7 MW), Bainbridge (.3 MW), Crawfordsville (3 MW), Flora (0.81 MW), Frankton (1 MW), Greenfield (2.84 MW), Huntingburg (2MW), Pendleton (2 MW), Peru (3 MW), Rensselaer (1 MW and 3.8 MW), Richmond (1 MW and 7.4 MW), Spiceland (.53 MW), Tell City (1 MW), Tipton (5.2 MW), Washington (4 MW) and Waynetown (.25MW). Several of the parks feature single axis tracking systems, allowing the panels to move and track the sun throughout the day, while other parks rely on fixed tilt panels. 

IMPA’s current target is to build a total of 200 MW of solar generation.  In addition to the 53 MW currently in operation, IMPA plans to construct an additional 16 solar parks with an expected additional capacity of 83 MW during 2019, 2020 and 2021, with the remaining 64 MW of solar generation to be constructed thereafter.  

Data for each of the solar parks is available at Solar Parks.